The College of Education established in the month of Shaaban 1421 AH, corresponding to March 3, 1992 AD, with 6 six departments: ( biology, Chemistry, Physics, Arabic Language, History, Geography), and the College started performing its scientific and educational tasks in the academic year 1993 -1992 . ,by  accepting 220 students. Other departments were created, which are : (Mathematics, English Language, Quranic Sciences, Educational and Psychological Sciences, Art education ). It has taught  more than (6000) students in the morning and evening  studies and more than (1500) students of high studies masters and doctorate degree in all Specialities. In the academic year 2012-2013, the college was divided into the College of Education for Humanities, and the College of Education for Pure Sciences , Where the latter includes the scientific departments (mathematics, biology , chemistry, physics), and the college now grants an initial university degree (bachelor) for all Specialities, and a higher university degree (masters and doctorate) for all Specialities in the college, with the exception of a doctorate in mathematics.

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